Articles About Women Don't Ask

June 26, 2003
The Economist
Be a man: Men compete harder than women.

July 21, 2003
Ascribe Newswire
Ground-Breaking Study: Women’s Negotiating Style Leads to Lower Pay Offers Than Men Receive

July 21, 2003
Publishers Weekly
Review of Women Don't Ask

July 24, 2003
Scripps Howard News Service
Women are more likely to shrink from negotiating
By Jaine Carter and James D. Carter

August 2, 2003
The Guardian (London)
Venus or Mars? Research suggest there’s a gender divide in the way that male and female graduates approach their job hunting
By Barbara Oaff

August 3, 2003
The Boston Globe
Critical faculties: Are women bad negotiators?
By Christopher Shea

August 21, 2003
The New York Times
He dickers, she doesn't
By Alan B. Krueger

August 21, 2003
CNN, Live From the Headlines
Bill Hemmer talks with Linda Babcock

August 24, 2003
London Times (Sunday)
Selfless women too backward in coming forward for promotion
By Tessa Mayes

August 25, 2003
Western Mail
Shy women lose thousands by not asking for promotion; failure to negotiate is an expensive trait
By Catherine Jones

August 31, 2003
The Sentinel
Glass ceiling’s hard to crack

September 3, 2003
The Christian Science Monitor
Women still find it hard to say, ‘Let’s make a deal’
By Marilyn Gardner

September 2003
Pittsburgh Magazine
Won’t ask, won’t tell
By Christine H. O’Toole

September 21, 2003
Washington Post
By Caroline E. Mayer

September 29, 3002
The Guardian (London)
Please sir, I want some more: James Paul on the dos and don’ts of negotiating the salary for your new job

October 1, 2003
Library Journal
Review of Women Don’t Ask

October 2003
Harvard Business Review
Nice girls don’t ask
By Linda Babcock, Sara Laschever, Michele Gelfand, and Deborah Small

October 2003
New Zealand Management
Economics Gender Tender
By Bob Edlin

October 2, 2003
The Sun
Arguing Works

October 6, 2003
Anchorage Daily News
Men in Alaska still earn about 50 percent more than women
By Sarana Schell

October 16, 2003
Gannett News Service
Women must ask to advance
By Anita Bruzzese

October 16, 2003
Business Review Weekly (Australia)
Negotiate or Trail
By Kristen Le Mesuirer

October 24, 2003
The Chroncial of Higher Education Review
Discussion of Women Don’t Ask

October 25, 2003
The Economist
The Trouble with Women

October 26, 2003
Boston Globe
Why working women don’t get what they want
By Dolores Kong

October 26, 2003
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The biggest hurdle for women that want a raise? They don’t ask for one
By Allyce Bess

October 27, 2003
Business Week
New Clues to the Pay and Leadership Gap
By Laura D’Andrea Tyson

October 29, 2003
Newsday (New York)
So, Why aren’t women getting equal pay?
By Bonnie Erbe

November 2003
Glamour Magazine
Want the job—and the paycheck—you deserve? You’ve got to ask for it

November/December 2003
Review of Women Don’t Ask
By Allison Nazarian

November 2003
Women’s Business Minnesota
Both Sides Now
By Carol Ratelle Leach

November 5, 2003
Chicago Tribune
A Crummy Situation
By Joanna Cleaver

November 7, 2003
Marketplace Morning Report
The Differences between Men and Women when they’re Negotiating for a Raise
By Tess Vigeland

November 12, 2003
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Tips on Negotiating a Raise

November 12, 2003
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Fear of negotiating can keep women behind on the payroll.
By Allyce Bess

November 13, 2003
San Jose Mercury News
Negotiating? Speak Up.
By Michelle Quinn

November 17, 2003
The Early Show
Linda Babcock, author of “Women Don’t Ask,” discusses how women can be more confident in negotaiting for what they want
By Hannah Storm

November 17, 2003
USA Today
Women need to learn the art of the deal; the pay gap is linked to one’s negotiation skills
By Denise Kersten

November 19, 2003
Chicago Tribune Company
Getting at the root of negotiating skills
By Jacqueline Fitzgerald

December 1, 2003
Primedia Business Magazines & Media Inc.
Time to Tough Up a Little
By Sue Pelletier

December 1, 2003
Investor’s Business Daily
Hononing Negotiating Skills

December, 15, 2003
The Gazette
Women could get more, just by asking
By Susan Schwartz

December 19, 2003
Investor’s Business Daily
Sisters, Do It For Yourselves
By Robin Grugal

December 22, 2003
The Times Union
His and hers. Although some gains have been made, women’s paychecks remain smaller than men’s
By Stephanie Earls

January 1, 2004
American Way
Ask and Ye Shall Receive







In 2001 in the U.S. only 10.9 percent of the board of directors' seats at Fortune 1000 companies were held by women

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